"Fueled by Passion, Driven by Rock":               Introducing Chain Bridge Road

Fueled by the fire of six remarkable musicians, Chain Bridge Road (CBR) emerges as a relentless musical force, delivering a high-voltage performance that seamlessly melds the greatest hits of the Classic Rock era, the laid-back allure of "Yacht Rock", and the gritty soul of the Blues. With an arsenal of keyboards, saxophone, blistering rhythm and searing lead guitars, dynamic drums and grooving bass, all working to support vocals and harmonies that pierce the soul, CBR commands the stage. Brace yourself for an unapologetic display of musical prowess that leaves audiences addicted and hungry for more. 
The band consists of:
Keith Gerson, (Keyboards, Vocals and co-founder) As leader of the band, Keith  has contributed his keyboards and vocals on the road behind artists ranging from Ambrosia, Grand Funk Railroad, Shuggie Otis, along with Abraxas (Santana Tribute Band) and Non-Fiction (a tribute to the Black Crowes). Hailing from Los Angeles, Keith resides in New Braunfels, TX, which he now calls his forever home. His musical "super-power" is his ability to add soaring layers of keyboards that add a level of mastery to Chain Bridge Road. From his addition of classic keyboard sounds such as the legendary Hammond B3, classic grand piano and electric keyboards, strings, horns, and synthesizers, he typically performs with several keyboards on-stage when playing live adding his distinctive lead vocals and harmonies to the band with just the right amount of grit and soul.

Marilisa (Lead singer, rhythm guitarist and co-founder). A driving force within Chain Bridge Road, she's had music coursing through her veins from an early age when she embarked on a journey as a singer and a violin prodigy. Inspired by her father's legacy as a concert violinist in NYC, Marilisa excelled, becoming a first-chair violinist in school. Yet her destiny took a thrilling turn when she embraced a Fender Stratocaster, gifted by none other than Leo Fender himself- her father's dear friend and neighbor. Trading her bow for electric strings, Marilisa embarked on a new path, fusing her voice and guitar into a symphony of rock and roll. From the spotlight as one of the nation's successful early all-girl rock bands", she vaulted onto grand stages, opening for icons like The Rolling Stones, The Byrds,  Cher and countless other top acts of the classic rock era. Marilisa's vocal journey led her to legendary mentors, including Maestro David Kyle who shaped voices like Ann Wilson and Layne Staley. She further refined her craft under the guidance of Dean Kaelin (Doobie Brothers, Dave Mathew's, Bette Midler) and Brad Chapman (Michael Jackson, The Bangles. Kevin Cronin - REO Speedwagon), honing her sound with the wisdom of legends who molded music history. For decades, Marilisa's dynamic vocals and rhythm guitar prowess have graced renowned bands across the nation. Today, she stands as an essential cornerstone of Chain Bridge Road, infusing their music with a timely allure forged by experience and passion.

Mike Oliver (Sax player and vocalist). Meet Mike Oliver, the soulful saxophonist and vocalist of Chain Bridge Road. With a dynamic repertoire spanning rock, blues, soul and poignant ballads, Mike's musical prowess forms the soul of Chain Bridge Road. During his tenure at Reese Air Force Base in Lubbock, TX, Mike's musical journey took flight. He took center stage with his own band, "The Wheatfield Express", capturing audiences with his magnetic sax melodies. Additionally, he lent his talents to the Swing Time Big Band in Killeen, TX, leaving an indelible mark on the local music scene. A proud member of the New Braunfels Blues Society, Mike's commitment to musical excellence is unwavering. Beyond Chain Bridge Road, he continues to channel his passion into a worship band, creating soul-stirring sax sols that resonate with listeners. Mike's musical achievements extend to the recording studio as well. He has contributed his talents to albums such as "Light as a Feather", collaborating with fellow musician Larry Read to create memorable, sonic experiences. With every note he plays, and every lyric he sings, Mike Oliver adds a layer of depth and emotion that elevates Chain Bridge Road's musical journey to new heights.

Bobby Schmueckle (Lead guitarist).  Bio will be added shortly.

Terry Churchill (Drums & Percussion) is the rhythmic powerhouse behind the beats that keep Chain Bridge Road's music alive and grooving. With a career spanning decades, this seasoned veteran of the Seattle music scene spent many years as drummer for multi-million record selling legend Merrilee Rush ("Angel of the Morning"). He went on to drum for acclaimed group "The Hip Replacements", a top-tier concert band that captivated audiences with a unique blend of R&B, jazz and soul. The band's infectious energy and soulful melodies garnered them rave reviews and a dedicated fan base. After leaving an indelible mark on the Seattle music scene, the lure of new adventures led our drummer to the vibrant city of San Antonio where he is now a driving force within Chain Bridge Road.

James Farrell (Bass), born and bred in the heart of Texas, with roots in El Paso and a formative upbringing in San Antonio, his musical journey has traversed diverse landscapes. His musical odyssey took him through Oklahoma and the sun-soaked vibes of California before finding a home in the rhythms of Chain Bridge Road. A self-taught virtuoso with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, James supplemented his innate talent with lessons from books, videos, and any resource that could hone his craft. Influenced by bass playing legends like James Jamerson, Rocko Restia, and Chuck Rainey, his bass lines resonate with the soul of Motown and heart of rock. James' journey included stints with diverse bands like Shipwrecked, The Love Handles, The Dragon Ass Band and Gina & the Soul Benders.  Chain Bridge Road's bandmates loves James' basslines which become stories, his rhythms become journeys, and his melodies resonate as reflections of a life intertwined with the harmonies of music.